[25 November 2020] Technical Seminar: Green Innovation Webinar Series No.1

We are pleased be a supporting organization of HKIE’s “Technical Seminar: Green Innovation Webinar Series No. 1”  on 25 November 2020 (Wednesday).

The Green Innovation Webinar Series aims to enhance the collaboration between HKIE Environmental Division and universities through exchanging new environmental technologies and novel research projects ideas via the interactive online platform. This is the first series consisting of 2 talks to be delivered by the professors from School of Energy and Environment of City University of Hong Kong.

Buildings consume large amounts of resources and have a major impact, affecting the environment and sustainability of modern society. In the first talk, Dr Edwin Tso will present different types of daytime passive radiative coolers. They have also built a small scale model house equipped with the daytime passive radiative cooler. An indoor air temperature reduction of about 2 oC inside the model house has been achieved during the daytime under direct sunlight.  Dr Tso will explain the experimental results. Through this talk, it aims to promote the daytime passive radiative cooling technology to the industries in Hong Kong. We believe that our developed daytime passive radiative coolers can inspire future architectural and engineering design to reach net-zero energy buildings, contributing to a cleaner environment for Hong Kong.

In the second talk, Dr. Shauhrat Chopra will highlight the utility of tools such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). In addition to well-established tools like LCA for data-driven decision making, the talk will also showcase the opportunity for the development of novel Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) tools. In particular, blockchain enabled data-driven tools may have the capability to improve trust and transparency in supply-chain networks, platforms for shared and performance economy, stakeholder participation, and governance and management of organizations. For this reason, Dr Chopra will share the potential opportunities and limitations of the blockchain technology for circular economy applications. Finally, the talk will emphasize the significance of data-driven tools and systems analytics to avoid unintended negative consequences of engineering decisions on the environment.

Event Details

Date : 25 November 2020 (Wednesday)
Time : 18:00-20:00
Venue : ATAL Room, 9/F, HKIE Headquarters
Language : English
Fee : Free
Topics : 1. Low-Cost High Performance Daytime Passive Radiative Cooling Technology with Zero Energy Input for Mitigating the Climate Change
2. Data-driven Decision Making for Waste Management and Rouse Efficiency: Path to a Circular Economy
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Please visit the event website to learn more.

Look forward to seeing you there! Thank you!