[28 DEC] [CPD] Technical seminar – Geothermal heat and climate variability

Presentation PPT and Report of the Seminar are now available.

A Technical Seminar “Geothermal Heat and Climate Variability” organized by the HKIQEP and HKIE Environmental Division will be held on 28 December 2018 (Friday).

Details are as follows:

 Title: Technical Seminar on Geothermal Heat and Climate Variability
 Date: 28 December 2018 (Friday)
 Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm
 Venue: Sophie Chan’s Seminar Room, 9/F HKIE Headquarters
 Speaker: Ir Professor Wyss Yim spent 35 years until retirement at the University of Hong Kong where he helped found the Department of Earth   Sciences. He was Deputy Chairman of the Climate Change Science Implementation Team of UNESCO’s International Year of Planet Earth 2007-2009.
Programme highlight: Geothermal heat released through terrestrial and submarine volcanic eruptions is an underestimated cause of natural climate variability. Satellites since the early1980s and ARGO ocean profiling floats since the early 2000s are providing observational records that enable us to study the influence of geothermal heat on regional climate. Both warming and cooling of the atmosphere and the hydrosphere as well as severe weather events can be caused by volcanoes. Studies based on observational records have shown that the natural release of geothermal heat was an important contributor to recent climate change including the long-lasting 2014-2016 ENSO and Arctic sea ice variability during the past decade.


Fee:   This technical visit is free of charge and max. no. of participants will be limited to 80.
Registration  & Enquiries: Prior registration is required.

Please complete the online enrolment form and apply via the website of Environmental Division (http://ev.hkie.org.hk).

Attendance certificates will be issued. For enquiries, please contact Ir CS Lam at 91527659.