(1) Exam date of  Professional Assessment Part 1 has been rescheduled to 24 October 2020 (* In case of inclement weather, the exam will be held on 25 October (Sunday) at the same time and venue.) Notification email has been sent to candidates mailbox on 14 August 2020.

(2) HKIQEP has sent out all exam confirmation letters of Part 1 and Part 2 (Round A). If you haven’t receive it, please check your junk box or contact us.

1. General

To qualify for Professional Membership, Candidates must satisfy ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Be a recognised member of an Institutional Partner (see
  2. Meet the requirements for academic qualifications and working experience set by HKIQEP (see
  3. Receive support from three Professional Members, Founding Fellows or Fellows who personally know the Candidate
  4. Complete and pass the qualification process set by HKIQEP

Full details of the application process can be downloaded here

2. Qualification Process

The qualification process consists of three steps:


All three steps must be performed in order.

Candidates who have passed both Professional Assessment (Part I) and (Part II) will be considered to be elected as the Professional Members by the HKIQEP Executive Committee.

Step 1: Professional Assessment (Part I)

The Professional Assessment (Part I) is scheduled for 24 October 2020 Saturday (In case of inclement weather, it will be postponed to 25 October 2020)

Application period: 1 May ~ 30 June 2020
Online application:

Refer to the Professional Membership Application Guidelines for details regarding the assessment.

Step 2: Professional Membership application

To be eligible for Professional Membership, Candidates must:

  • Meet all requirements for Professional Membership as stated on the top of this page
  • Have passed Professional Assessment (Part I) within the last five (5) years

There will be 2 rounds of Professional Assessment (Part II) in 2020-21.

Round A:
Only for candidates who passed Professional Assessment (Part I) in 2016-2019
Application period: 15 May ~ 1o August 2020
Application form: available on 15 May 2020
Online application form submission link: available on 15 May 2020

Round B:
Application period: 1 November 2020 – 15 January 2021
Application form: available on 1 November 2020
Online application form submission link: available on 1 September 2020 *
Refer to the Professional Membership Application Guidelines for details regarding the assessment.

Step 3: Professional Assessment (Part II)

The planned dates for Professional Assessment (Part II) are 18 January / 8 / 15 / 22 February 2020

Round A: 17 / 24 / 31 October 2020
Round B: 20 / 27 March / 10 / 17 April 2021

  • Each candidate will be scheduled to attend one session
    • Candidates with known date conflicts should advise HKIQEP as soon as possible
  • Once the application package has been reviewed and accepted, Candidates will receive an invoice for the assessment fee

Refer to the Professional Membership Application Guidelines for details regarding the assessment.

The summary of the qualification process can be downloaded here

3. Fees Schedule:

*All fees paid are non-refundable

Bank: HSBC
Account Name: Hong Kong Institute of Qualified Environmental Professionals Limited
Account Number: 848-718524-001

  • Candidates are responsible for the payment of the above fees in a timely manner to facilitate the qualification process
  • When submitting evidence of payment, the Candidate’s name (and Candidate number if available) must be written on the receipt to avoid confusion

4. Other Reminders

    1. Candidates are recommended to begin IP membership application as soon as possible, as the process may take several months
    2. All announcements and communications with Candidates will be made through email. No postal mail will be sent
    3. General notices will be posted on the HKIQEP website and social media sites (Facebook and LinkedIn)