Qualification Process to HKIQEP Professional Membership 2017-18 

Key Updates:

Professional Assessment

    • Application for Professional Member is now CLOSED. 

Qualification Examination

    • For the study guide, please ignore Section 4.5.1 “Environmental Monitoring” and Section 4.5.2 “Environmental Quality Performance Limits” (P.148-149) due to duplication.
    • Application for Qualification Examination is now CLOSED.
    • A notification letter is issued to candidates by 11 August 2017. Please contact us at qualification@hkiqep.org or (852) 6898 1507 if you do not receive any after 11 August 2017.
    • Candidates are strongly advised to study carefully the “Guidance Notes for to HKIQEP Examination 2017” before coming to the Examination.
    • All candidates should have received a study guide email in early July. Please contact us at qualification@hkiqep.org if you do not receive any.
    • Syllabus and Recommended Readings are now available (Version 3)**
    • To pass the Examination, candidates must achieve passing scores in each of the six areas (Air, EIA &HA, ESMP, Noise, Waste, and Water) as well as obtain an overall pass.

hkiqep-qualification-process as PM


(I) Qualification Examination

  • Application Period: 01 May 2017 – 30 June 2017
  • Examination Date: 19 August 2017 (Saturday)
  • Examination Venue: City University of Hong Kong
  • Syllabus Orientation: 17 June 2017 (Saturday) Register HERE
  • All people are welcome to take the MC Examination.
  • A proof of recognized Institutional Partner membership is only required when applying for the Professional Assessment AFTER passing the MC examination.
  • The results of MC examination will stay valid till the applicants fulfil the eligibility criteria of Professional Membership up to a maximum of 5 years.
  • Students are strongly advised to apply HKIQEP Student Membership instead of taking this examination.
  • Guidance Notes for to HKIQEP Examination 2017
  • Syllabus and Recommended Readings (2017-18) VERSION 3**
  • Syllabus Orientation Materials 2017


(II) Application Package 

  • Membership Requirement
  • Professional Member shall be supported by three Professional Members, Founding Fellows or Fellows.
  • You may find potential supporters on our Membership Directory
  • Carefully read the guidelines on the application form to understand the requirements and procedures for Membership


(III) Professional Assessment


(IV) Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Members shall adopt a “balanced” approach, adopting a combination of CPD activities in 6 areas: Environmental Science, Management & Policy, Air, Water, Noise, Waste, EIA (&HA)
  • Details please click HERE


(V) Important Dates 2017-18

Qualification Examination Application Period 01 May 2017-30 June 2017
Syllabus Orientation 17 June 2017
Qualification Examination 19 August 2017
Examination Result Notification September 2017
Professional Member Application Period 01 July 2017-31 October 2017
Professional Assessment Period December 2017 -February 2018
Assessment Result Notification March-April 2018

For those who passed the Examination in 2016, we may arrange the Professional Assessment between August to November 2017 depending on the situation.


(VI) Fee


All fees are non-refundable