The AGM successfully ended on the 18th of August. We especially thank Mr. C W TSE, the Secretary for Environment and Ecology, for joining our event. Also, we are grateful and happy to have members’ support.

Our Chairman, Dr. Jeanne NG, reported multiple achievements of HKIQEP and appreciation for the support of all partners in establishing the HKIQEP by way of an Ordinance. This year we have almost six hundred members, with accumulated over one thousand people joining our Part 1 Qualifying Exam. In the future, we will continue to professionalize the environmental industry and work together to realize climate actions. Thanks again, Mr. Tse, for showing his great support and his promotion of HKIQEP in advancing the environmental sector professionally. Mr. Tse was happy that HKIQEP could provide an environmental pathway for the youths.

Thanks to Dr. Jeanne NG for being our Chairman for the past six years. During this AGM, we have elected our new Chairman, Mr. Freeman Cheung. Thank Mr. Tse for witnessing the moment of handover.