Air and noise modelling is a significant component in the environmental impact assessment and land use planning process in Hong Kong. To support and encourage professional development in these areas, HKIQEP has launched a certification scheme to identify and certify experienced air and noise modelling practitioners.

This Scheme:

  • Recognizes the importance of air and noise modelling expertise;
  • Identifies competent persons with the appropriate knowledge and expertise to conduct air and noise modelling work;
  • Encourages the engagement of certified modellers in environmental impact assessment and land use planning processes, to allow a more effective and efficient completion of the required model work; and
  • Provides a platform for knowledge exchange and development for air and noise modelling professionals in Hong Kong.

The Scheme is composed of two parts:

  1. Assessment of a candidate’s in-depth understanding and practical experience of air/noise modelling systems, and
  2. Ongoing continuing professional development (CPD) to ensure modelling professionals maintain and advance their knowledge and expertise.

CPD requirements will be similar to those for HKIQEP Professional Membership and may include additional optional and/or compulsory update workshops from time to time. Full details will be announced shortly.


Scheme Requirements

Under the Scheme, the basic requirement for both air and noise modelling professionals is FIVE YEARS relevant experience in modelling work.

Additionally, air and noise modelling professionals interested in the Scheme must possess sound knowledge in areas described in the Air Modelling Professional Syllabus and Noise Modelling Professional Syllabus, which are described in the Scheme Details and 2022 Application Process (see link below). Interested parties are advised to study in detail the contents in each syllabus.

The Scheme is open for all HKIQEP Members in the first round (early 2022) and will be available for all air and noise modelling practitioners in the future.


Useful Materials




Briefing Session

Fees Schedule



Payment Due



Before submitting application



Upon confirmation that criteria for Certification Scheme are met

Annual Subscription


(30th April 2023)

Upon election of Certification Scheme

*All fees paid are non-refundable



Refer to the Scheme Details and 2022 Application Process document for descriptions of each step.