The Chief Executive’s Policy Address 2021 and Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2050 highlighted the importance of accelerating the growth of green and sustainable finance in Hong Kong to support the Government’s climate strategies and targets to combat climate change and achieve carbon neutrality. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting is a significant component in the development of green finance in Hong Kong.

As an environmental professional body, the HKIQEP has set its sights on developing an ESG program that has an important focus on the environmental and sustainability perspectives. Through the support from the Environment and Conservation Fund (Project: ESG Education in Community), we have developed easy-to-understand educational materials that aim to increase community awareness and knowledge of ESG.

The educational materials encompass five key areas.

  1. Environmental Impacts and Resource Use

  2. Climate Change

  3. Biodiversity

  4. Corporate Governance

  5. Corporate Sustainability and ESG Reporting

Please click on the above links to download the e-booklets.

In addition to these five selected topics, we have identified additional areas within ESG to form a comprehensive programme. More details on HKIQEP’s ESG programme will be available on our website very soon.

Besides, a series of ESG workshops covering the above topics have been conducted. The video recordings are as below.

Topic – Environmental Impacts and Resource Use

Topic – Corporate Sustainability and ESG Reporting