Scheme Details – Undergraduate Level

1. Eligibility

All environmental degree programmes at the undergraduate level may apply for accreditation under this scheme.

2. Accreditation Process

The accreditation process consists of five stages as indicated below.

Step 1: Application and Submission

  • Complete the application form and submit to the HKIQEP Accreditation Panel at
  • Once payment is settled, the forms and templates, as well as the relevant instructions for their completion, will be sent to the contact person of the programme via email

Step 2: Submission Review

  • The Visiting Team reviews the submission to check and verify the coverage and compliance of the programme against the accreditation requirements

Step 3: Accreditation Visit

  • The duration of the visit depends on the complexity of the Programme, but normally requires at least one and a half days
  • A typical visit includes, but is not limited to, meetings with relevant persons (including programme leadership, academic staff, students and graduates), facilities visit, and teaching and students’ materials review

Step 4: Results Review

  • Four accreditation decisions are possible. They are: i) Provisional Accreditation for a period of up to three years, ii) Full Accreditation for a period of up to five years, iii) Accreditation not granted, and iv) Accreditation revoked

Step 5: Results Notification

  • A copy of final Accreditation Report will be sent to the Programme for record within three months after the Accreditation Visit

3. Accreditation Scheme Information

4. More information