Our Vision

To develop Hong Kong as the Centre of Excellence for developing qualified environmental professionals in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region.


Our Objectives

The HKIQEP was established to:-

    • Promote, develop and maintain a qualification system for environmental professionals in Hong Kong:-
      • to meet the current and future environmental expertise needs of Hong Kong;
      • to support the development of the environmental industry in Hong Kong; and
      • to maintain a register of suitably qualified environmental professionals in Hong Kong.
    • Promote continuous professional development of environmental professionals to meet the changing needs of the society and the environment.
    • Facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information between environmental professionals on current and emerging environmental-related challenges and risks, technologies, regulations, policies and stakeholder expectations by means of meetings and/or publications.
    • Promote the advancement of environmental knowledge across different professional and industry sectors for the betterment of the environment of Hong Kong.
    • Maintain the integrity and status of the environmental professionals and to represent them both to the public and to the Hong Kong Government.
    • Provide links between industry and the Hong Kong Governmental bodies and other organizations to ensure that environmental professionals remain dynamic and relevant to both industry and the community.