Youth Summit 青年峰會

The Hong Kong Institute of Qualified Environmental Professionals Limited (HKIQEP) will hold an Online Youth Summit on “Climate Action: How can Young Environmental Professionals in the Greater Bay Area Take the Wheel to Drive Carbon Neutrality” on 25 June 2022 (9am – 6pm).

Greenhouse gas emissions are expected to return to a high level once the global economy begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, and possibly setting back progress towards attaining Sustainable Development Goal 13 to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts. This Summit aims to discuss and demonstrate how young environmental professionals across different sectors can take an active role in achieving carbon neutrality in the GBA. It will engage youth through breakout discussions to explore their current and/or potential contributions to climate action in the GBA and their shared vision for the future.

香港合資格環保專業人員學會 (香港環專會)將於 2022 年 6 月 25 日(上午 9 時至下午 6 時)舉辦“氣候行動:大灣區年輕環保專業人士能如何引領我們走向碳中和”的線上青年高峰會。
一旦全球經濟開始從 2019冠狀病毒病大流行中復蘇,溫室氣體排放量預計將恢復到高水平,這可能會阻礙實現可持續發展目標13 有關採取緊急行動應對氣候變化及其影響的進展。與此同時,粵港澳大灣區政府一直鼓勵社會不同利益相關者,尤其是年輕人積極參與氣候行動。因此,本次峰會旨以討論和展示不同行業的年輕環境專業人士如何在大灣區實現碳中和方面發揮積極作用為主。還將通過分組討論讓青年人參與進來,探討他們對大灣區氣候行動當前和/或潛在的貢獻以及他們對未來的共同願景。

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